Due to the huge popularity of our Facebook group for discussions, support, friendship and advice, we have decided to keep all discussions to that forum from now on.  Our members have indicated that they much prefer the accessibility and features of the Facebook group over a website forum and we are more than happy to support this.

Our Facebook group has 750 members representing 16 countries around the world and we welcome all women with CF who are either in any of the following categories: thinking about or planning for parenthood; mothers of children (any age including adults!); trying to conceive; going through infertility treatments; going through surrogacy; going through adoption or fostering.

The Facebook group is classed as a “secret group” on Facebook. This means that it can not be searched for and no one can see who is a member or what they post. The confidentiality aspect is particularly appreciated by our members.

If you would like to join our highly active and friendly community, please message Emma or Alison on one of these links:

UPDATE:  We now have a two additional Facebook groups which run as side groups to the main forum:

  • A group for women with CF who also have a child with special needs or disabilities
  • A group for women with CF who are are looking for information and experiences of fertility and/or pregnancy whilst taking Ivacaftor/Kalydeco or Orkambi

To join either of these groups, please join the main Facebook group and ask to be added to one of the side groups.