Creating Families

For those of us with CF, having a family is usually at least a little more complicated than it is for most people. Whilst for some it may simply involve more close monitoring and hospital along the road to delivering a healthy baby,  for others there may be much more complicated factors to consider such as infertility or health circumstances that make carrying a pregnancy inadvisable.

This section looks at the different options that women with CF may wish to consider in creating a family of their own. It covers issues of fertility, pregnancy, adoption/fostering and surrogacy for women with CF, including those that may arise post-transplant.

How could we become parents PHOTO

How could we become parents?

A guide to choices for women with cystic fibrosis who wish to become parents.

Includes information on:

  • fertility treatment
  • egg/sperm donation
  • surrogacy
  • fostering
  • adoption
  • step-parenting

Published by Barnardos in 2003. Please note some information may be a little out of date.