Journey to a Forever Family (UK) – Legalising and Settling

LMG from Laura (for her story)
Once everyone involved agreed the adoption order should be made we headed to Law Court to submit the forms . Then we had to wait until they sent us a date! This was around 6 weeks later and it was set for another 6 weeks’ time from then for the final court hearing (we didn’t attend that one, only our support worker and LMG’s social worker on our behalf as this is the one that the birth parents are invited to if they wish to contest or have a statement passed on – neither of which happened in our case – happy to say we had no issues in the order being passed) and another 4 weeks after that for our celebration court hearing (this is only for the forever family).I kept busy researching lots of ideas for venues, decorations, food, cake etc for LMG’s naming day (where we can welcome her to the family) Party! As soon as we received notification of final adoption hearing / Celebration court day, we booked the Welcome Party, ordered the cake, decorations and sent the invites!

The naming day and welcome party was wonderful – and it was lovely to be able to show LMG as our daughter and also with her new family name we had chosen.

Many of our family and friends came along to celebrate. We had a beautiful cake and decorations all with the ‘happi owl’ theme and LMG had a lovely yellow dress and had so much fun with the bubbles, balloons and playing with the other children. I made a small speech and hubby added to it at the end and everyone was pleased for her to formally join our clan.

LMG Cake from Laura (for her story)When we (us 3 and our parents) attended court, LMG wore a lovely navy dress and looked beautiful. We met with our SWs and went into court where the judge was in full robes for the occasion. We chatted very informally about the last 7 months and the future and the judge gave us a certificate and a card wishing us well … A few photos later and it was done! We then drove to a restaurant for a family meal to celebrate and toast our little girl. It was perfect.  Although LMG had been ours legally for a few weeks (since the final adoption hearing), it was great to have the formality and pomp of it all with a judge in a courtroom as a final chapter of the process.

The adoption process was never easy – but always worthwhile. We are so so so happy with our gorgeous curly-haired girl!
So what is next for us? Next steps are to celebrate her 2nd birthday (her first with us), our birthdays as a mummy and daddy, her first night out at a family party, to attend other kids’ parties and enjoy a proper family Christmas – and that’s just the first three months!!!! … We can’t wait!!!And as LMG has learnt to say so well at the end of every fairy tale….

The End xxx

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