The Greatest Reward in the World – Karen Vega’s Story (Part 2)

Karen Vega (Permission)

Second Time Round 

While training for the marathon I got my lung function up to over 90% and my significant lung function improvement my husband and I began entertaining the idea of a third child. The idea was always in the back of my mind but until then I never thought of actually going through with it. I was nervous about having another set of twins, having a rough pregnancy and not being able to care for my boys properly, having a decline in health again and just the stress of having another child.

After much discussion we decided with my health as good as it was now was the time. I had a strong support system, lots of help from my mother, was in great shape and just knew it’s what was right for our family. We decided that I would have an IV tune up in April to ensure I was in the best health possible and discontinue birth control. At the end of August I found out I was pregnant and excited to welcome a spring baby to the family!

When I got pregnant with my daughter my lung function was in the mid 80%s and I was in much better physical shape then my prior pregnancy. I didn’t need any IV’s and felt great the entire pregnancy. I stayed very active with my toddlers and I also swam and did prenatal yoga. I had a repeat c-section at 40 weeks and recovered in two days. I was out doing normal activities as soon as I left the hospital. I attribute this to being in much better physical shape and continuing to exercise my entire pregnancy.

My daughter is currently two moths old and my twins are 3 ½ years old. I am breastfeeding my daughter and getting 8 hours of sleep at night, thanks to a very cooperative baby. The only medications I’m on are Pulmozyme, Hypertonic Saline and Cayston. I do my vest once a day and plan to get back to the gym in the next two weeks.

Karen permission 2 

 Looking to the Future

Parenting has had a positive influence on my health. Although it becomes harder to fit in treatments and nebulizers I have 3 of the most important reasons to keep fighting. I don’t beat myself up over missing a day of treatments every now and then, I do my best to work them into my schedule and overall we have a good routine going. We all wake up, I get the boys breakfast and turn on their favorite show and feed the baby. Then the boys go off to play with their toys and I do my nebs while the baby is sleeping. If she wakes up I just sit her on my lap while I do my vest and she seems to love the vibrations!

My children are still too young to understand what CF is, and what it really means but they have grown up with me doing my nebs and vest and haven’t yet asked why I do them. But I plan on being open and honest without bringing up the ‘scary’ aspects. They come with me to my appointments and love all the attention they get.

Becoming a parent isn’t just about getting your body in good shape to become pregnant. It is a commitment and a lifestyle change and promise to yourself and your children that you will do everything possible not only for them but for yourself so that you can enjoy every moment. It means having a sick plan in place for when you aren’t feeling well and need IV’s.

But all that planning and hard work has the greatest reward in the world – hearing your children say “I love you Mommy”.

You can watch Karen’s video entitled “CF and Starting a Family” below: