For women with CF, there are many issues to discuss and explore before you decide whether or not to embark on parenthood:

  • Genetic Issues (the risks of your child inheriting CF)
  • Physical Health Issues (lung function, respiratory infections, diabetes, liver disease and transplantation can impact on both pregnancy and life as a mother)
  • Emotional and Social Issues (personal support networks, financial stability, emotional concerns and issues of reduced life expectancy can all impact on motherhood with CF)

In this section you will find detailed explanations of these issues, along with personal accounts by women with CF who have dealt with this decision-making process. As a starting point you may be interested to read this information sheet “Day-to-Day: Thinking About Having Children?” which has been produced for women with cystic fibrosis by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation:

Thinking About Having a Child

Sadly, some women with CF will find themselves in a situation in which having a child is not possible, either in the short-term or in the long-term. Reasons for this may include poor physical health, post-transplant risks to mother and baby, infertility, genetic issues, reliance on potentially toxic drugs, financial issues or a lack of support.

In the section ‘When You Can’t Have a Child’ you can read the stories of members who are coming to terms with this difficult life situation and find out more about organisations that can offer support and advice.