When You Can’t Have a Child

Christina Bushnell (Permission given)

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For some women with CF, having a child may sadly not be an option. This may be due to poor health, infertility or a combination of both.

More To Life‘ is run under the umbrella of Infertility Network UK.  This is their description of their members and their organisation:

“More To Life members are childless by circumstance, not by choice and here we provide support and a community which understands that although children were very much wanted, it is still possible to have a fun and fulfilling future without them.  Whether you have tried treatment and not been successful, or decided not to ride the rollercoaster of treatment, or perhaps even have a partner who does not want children, at More To Life we understand and aim to help you as you explore new ways of life which can be joyful and satisfying.”

More To Life offers a telephone support line, a regular newsletter for members and an internet forum. They also run events such as workshops and meet-ups.

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